Students’ Association pleased degree-granting approved for RDC

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College is pleased the government has approved degree-granting status for Red Deer College.

The change means Red Deer College will be able to pursue granting its own degrees, in addition to certificates, diplomas, applied and collaborative degrees and apprenticeship training.

“This is a big day for the students of Central Alberta,” said Kass Scholze, Students’ Association President.

“Student leaders have lobbied for degrees at Red Deer College for decades — and today is the day that ask becomes a reality.

“It has not been a quick or easy process and it has taken a great deal of hard work and dedication for RDC to finally be at the cusp of granting its own degrees. Today is a big day for the future of Red Deer College and Central Alberta.”

Students come to Red Deer College for the small class size, close campus community and faculty and staff that are invested in their futures, explained Scholze. Students want to be able to pursue their entire degree in that same environment and continue to be a part of Central Alberta.

“This change means students will no longer be forced to up-root their lives to complete their education. It will allow access to degrees right here at home within the next few years,” said Scholze.

“Students will be able to complete their degree on a campus and in a community invested in their success and future graduates will be a vital part of Central Alberta.”

Students have been lobbying for degree-granting at RDC for decades. Student leaders have organized multiple campaigns including 1992’s trip to the Legislature to lobby for degrees and 2016’s postcard campaign which saw postcards signed by Central Albertans supporting degree-granting delivered to the Legislature.