Students’ Association Executive Elections take place March 15 and 16

Hello Everyone,

James Hill here, your friendly neighborhood Elections Officer. With all the hoopla going on around campus, I’m sure you have noticed that we are in the middle of an election.

Of course, it’s not just any old election – it’s the Students’ Association Executive Election!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend any of the campaign events or speak with any of the candidates, be sure to rectify that situation immediately.

We still have plenty of official events planned, and candidates are touring the campus soliciting your votes. As students your opinions and perspectives shape the College, so stop in for a chat and make sure all the candidates know what you love or want to see changed at RDC.
And did you hear? We are taking our elections online! All balloting and voting will be done through the Loop.

It’s so easy!

Voting has never been easier: simply log into your Loop account, click the personal announcement (2016 Students’ Association Executive Elections – Vote Now!) to access the ballot, pick your preferred candidates, and VOTE.

Voting days are Tuesday, March 15 (beginning at 9 a.m.) to Wednesday, March 16 (ending at 6 p.m.). Make your voice heard in the most powerful way possible: VOTE!

You can vote anywhere you can access the Loop, including computers, tablets, and your smart device. There will also be voting stations around campus to guide you through the new system.

Winners will be announced at our Results Gala; 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 16 in the Far Side Bar & Grill. All students are welcome, and we encourage you to attend and join in the festivities. Be the first to meet your new Executive Council team!

If you have any questions regarding the elections or voting, please contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone at 403-342-3200.

Thanks for reading, now go out there and Forge Your Future!