Pride on Campus

Pride on Campus promotes awareness, acceptance and understanding of the LGBTIQA+ within Red Deer and Central Alberta. It provides a comfortable and safe environment to discuss issues around LGBTIQA+. It also creates a forum of education, fundraising and social activities and events with a positive focus on the LGBTIQA+ community.

Pride on Campus is a growing society and it welcomes people of ALL genders and sexualities. If you will accept us, we will accept you! We are a group that will open our arms to welcome and accept everyone.

Pride on Campus Activities

  • Workshops: We hope to hold workshops to educate people and increase awareness and understanding of the LGBTIQA+ community, and the issues we face, as well as to help people learn about the different genders and sexualities and help foster a sense of well-being, acceptance, and personal growth within, and outside, the community.

Sound Interesting?

To learn more about membership in Pride on Campus, email [email protected]