On Point & On Time: What your Students’ Association can do for you!

You’re probably wondering who are these guys? And why are they giving out free food?

To answer your questions — we are your Students’ Association and we are here for you.

We represent you within the College, to the municipal and provincial governments, and to the community-at-large. Your SA also tries to provide each student with a memorable student experience while studying at Red Deer College.

As your student executives, we — VP College Affairs Tanis Penney, VP Student Life Jhymylyn (Jaime) Miranda, VP Operations Rebecca Tootoosis and myself — are in charge of the day-to-day business of the Students’ Association.

That means we oversee the Far Side Bar & Grill, The Lift convenience store, the many services we offer and, of course, the SA building. The businesses that I mentioned are all proudly-student owned! All SA businesses take pride in employing students, making the SA and its businesses one of the largest employers of students on campus. In addition, proceeds from SA businesses help support scholarships and services for students.

As an organization that looks after the well-being of students, we also provide a voice for students for their academic or non-academic appeals. If you are having problems with your classes, your instructors, parking or anything that has to do with you being a student, come visit Tanis Penney, your VP College Affairs. Her job is to make sure your issues and concerns are addressed fairly and in a timely manner.

In terms of promoting student life on campus, we have many opportunities for you to have fun and get involved, including Student Council, committee work, student groups, volunteering or working for one of our businesses.

By being part of Council, you are able to learn about governance and finance accountability. By being part of College committees, you will learn the behind-the-scenes of the college — beyond the classes you attend.

By being part of a student group, you are able to meet new people and widen your connections. We have a number of student groups at RDC. Most are program-based but student groups can also be interest-driven. If you want to establish your own student group, you are more than welcome to do so! Have a chat with Jhymylyn (Jaime) Miranda, your VP Student Life to learn more about your opportunities. She is also in charge of parties, events, and awareness campaigns. She is also the keeper of our SWAG! Be nice to her, she might give you a free beverage in the Far Side.

The fourth member of Executive Council is Rebecca Tootoosis, your VP Operations. She is the behind-the-scenes person, meaning she deals with how the businesses and and how Council are operated. If you have any questions on anything regarding the SA, Rebecca and myself are available between classes and meetings!

You guys are important to us because we exist only because of you. You pay for us to represent you. We are here to listen to you! You can talk to any of your Students’ Association Council members or any member of Executive Council.

Remember that books and classes are not what you’re going to remember in 10 years, it’s the memorable experience you have while you are here at Red Deer College.