On Point & On Time: Tips for surviving your years at RDC

College is stressful but it can also be fun especially if you are a student at Red Deer College. While you attend those weekly parties or binge-watch your favorite television show on Netflix, do not forget about those things you call classes that you are suppose to be attending.

After talking to a student I had this idea to write a manual on how to survive your years at RDC.

Now, this is a disclaimer: I am not a genius on how to get an A+ on every single class or how to be the light of the party. After reading a couple of articles and basing them from my experience, I came up with this list on the do’s and don’ts while at RDC. Here it is:

1. DO make friends
Your experience at RDC will be better than just going to class and going home to watch Suits (If you haven’t seen it, watch an episode. Enough said.) Your friends will make sure that you don’t lose your cool at that party when you had way too many. If you’re wondering how to make friends, that’s easy! You should introduce yourself to the person on your right during your Astronomy class in Room 1400. Talk about how much you love the class. You can stop by the Living Room or attend a Students’ Association weekly event! I heard about this cool kid that works for the SA; his name starts with M or something.

2. DON’T Hesitate
Hesitations while driving causes accidents. That’s a fact! When you hesitate at college, it can also be a dangerous. When writing a multiple-choice exam, your first instinct is usually correct. College is about trying different things; meeting new people; hanging out at the Far Side while playing a game of pool with some random student. Don’t hesitate on doing these things! Regret is the worst tormentor.

3. DO show up to class
This is self-explanatory. Look it up.

4. DON’T make rash decisions
When you are having fun, make sure you are also thinking about how you would feel the next day. Look out for your buddies because they are also doing the same!

5. DO have fun
Attend the parties; show up to the Kings and Queens Games (they’re free… If you didn’t know); join the Rec-effect at the Living Room and definitely hang out at the Far Side, especially on Fridays. These are just some of the things you can do on campus.

Of course, your Students’ Association is always here to help you out with your student life experience. We’ve got your back while you study and have fun. Like always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know!

Remember that college isn’t just about the books.