On Point & On Time: Time Management – The key to success

It’s already mid-October!

It feels like we were just welcoming new students to RDC couple of weeks ago…

Oh wait.

October is the time where all students are rushing to get term papers done or cramming to get some studying done for midterms.
Be honest! Because you don’t need to worry, we’ve all been there. We procrastinate on every single thing that has to do with schoolwork.

As a second/third year Political Science Major, I can say that I procrastinate like no one else in the world. I leave my term papers to the last minute or at least eight hours before the submission time.

Throughout my years at RDC, I’ve come to realize writing essays the day before the due date or studying the night before a midterm is probably not the brightest idea. You feel overwhelmed and chances are you will get low marks when you get your midterm or paper back.

To avoid stress, plan ahead! Make sure you leave enough time for you to go to work, have a social life and also be a top-notch student. It works differently with everyone — it’s up to you to what you would like to prioritize the most.

Likewise, if you feel like you have some time to help your peers or join the fun, we need your help! The Students’ Association is planning a list of things — parties, events, and awareness campaigns under Jhymylyn’s (VP Student Life) leadership. If you’d like to help us out, please let us know!

If you feel overwhelmed, rest assured RDC and your SA have a ton of services that could help you out! The Writing Skills Centre, for example, is located in the library and they assist students with their writing. They peer-review your essays; they can help you be a better writer. If you are seeking time management help, the Counselling & Career Centre is located in Room 1402. Their doors are open if you have any questions regarding Free Massage Fridays, Time Management Training, and so on. My only advice is to use the services we have around the College, they’re free because we pay for them!

Always remember to manage your time wisely to avoid getting overwhelmed, ask for help when needed and keep everything ‘on point and on time’.