On Point & On Time: The Students’ Association – Your one-stop FUN

Welcome (Back) to RDC! Hope your summer went great.

We, at the Students’ Association, are excited to have you back! All summer, your student executives have been working hard to ensure that you have a great year regardless if this is your first year or your last year at RDC.

We believe that every moment counts and right from the get go, during your first week (back), we have activities organized for you! Blitz Week as we call it, is in the courtyard located next to 1400 and were giving out FREE FOOD, facilitating FREE GAMES, and doing other fun stuff.

We are also throwing a party to welcome the new school year! This is on September 6, at the Far Side! Again, it’s for free and it’s going to be fun and fantastic! Meet new people, have a free bevvy, have fun!

Your Students’ Association is here for you, the students. Our job is to represent you around the College, to local and provincial governments, and the community.

We also offer a number of services that are beneficial to your educational success. In addition, our businesses provide employment for students looking for a part-time job. The Far Side Bar & Grill and the Lift work with student’s schedules, meaning you can have a job between your classes!

Your student executives were elected in the spring. I’ll be your President for the year, with Rebecca and Jhymylyn (pronounced: Jaime-Lyn) as your VP Operations and your VP Student Life.

As your President, I’m responsible in ensuring that you are represented well. My task is to ensure that your voice is heard. Rebecca is responsible for finding 12 fun people to represent their peers on Student Council. This could be you! If you are interested, be on the look out for her. Jhymylyn on the other hand is tasked to ensure that you have a fun time with the events and parties she has planned for you!

Usually, there is another executive member who helps students with their academic or non-academic issues. If you’re passionate about helping your peers, this might be the position for you! Nomination forms are available on September 17, after the Fall General Meeting.

The Students’ Association provides not just employment and services, but we also offer opportunities for students to expand their resumes by volunteering for SA events or by joining a student group.

We will provide a letter of recognition for those that have spent their time helping the SA with the awareness campaigns and events. We also house more than 20 student groups! If you are interested in joining or forming your own, stop by the SA Office (we’re located next to the Train Station in Room 2010).

For this year to be great, we need your help! We want to know what kind of events you’d like to see or what kind of changes you want to see. We are here to listen!

Our offices are always open — stop by with your ideas or if you just want to say hi! To find out more about your Students’ Association, please join us on Sept. 17, at 11 am at the Far Side Bar & Grill for the Fall General Meeting.

Always remember, College isn’t about the books or the classes, its about the fun times you’ve spent with your friends!

— Martin Cruz, SA President