On Point & On Time: Election Fever – Who are you voting for?

The title says it all. It’s election season again at RDC!

This time we are looking for 12 Students’ Association Council members, plus a new Vice President College Affairs.

This position will complete what we call the SA Executive Council. The VP College Affairs will join myself  – SA President Martin Cruz — and Vice President Operations Rebecca Tootoosis and Vice President Student Life Jhymylyn (Jaime) Miranda as the SA Executive team. This team oversees the day-to-day operations of the Students’ Association, and we are your direct representative to the College.

You’re probably wondering what the VP College Affairs does and what are the responsibilities of the position. This is a paid position, with a minimum of 20 office hours a week

The VP College Affairs is in charge of representing the students of RDC at meetings pertaining to curriculum, academic issues and oversees all student academic or non-academic issues. (If you are having any problems with your instructors or RDC services, the VP College Affairs is the person that could help you with solve them!)

In addition, the VP College Affairs meets regularly with the College’s Vice President Academic Brad Donaldson.

Only RDC students are able to run for this position because of its academic nature. Candidates must have been a student within the last winter or spring term and achieved a 2.0 average.

Student Council, anyone?

If you are not interested in that, we also have 12 SA Council positions. These are the students who speak for their peers at SA Council meetings, on College committees and in the community.

Council members represent the four Academic Divisions in the College, (Arts, Health, Science, Sports and Education; Donald School of Business and Trades & Technology). They ensure the SA executive team is doing its job to the best of its abilities.

If you have the appetite for wanting change, helping your peers or getting involved, the SA is the right place for you!

Election Day is October 2! We’re going to have two polls in Main Campus and one poll at DSB. Watch out for signs, they will direct you to the polling stations! You only need your student ID and you and your RDC friends!

Voting is important! It’s your right to have a representative that will do his or her job but it’s also your responsibility to get out and let your voice be heard! If you would like more information, contact the SA Elections Officer Anne Louise Lapuz at [email protected].

Join us at the I voted… for the After Party Oct. 2 in the Far Side where we’re going to announce winners following ballot counting. I Voted … for the After Party gets started at 7 p.m.

Spread the word, get involved, vote! Your voice matters!