From the President’s Desk

Welcome from RDC’s new President, Dr. Peter Nunoda

Welcome to Red Deer College! Whether you are coming here for the first time or continuing in your program, we’re so happy to have you here.

Like many of you, I’m new to RDC, as I officially started in my position as President on September 3. I am honoured to be your new President, because I believe in what this College is and in what it will become as Red Deer University. It is a pillar in this community that can change the lives of students and people from across the region.

I have dedicated my career to post-secondary education, as I have more than 30 years working in this sector as a faculty member, researcher and administrator. I’m passionate about being a leader and an educator, which allows me to be part of the journey as you, our students, grow personally and professionally.

I strongly believe in the value of post-secondary education, and I place great importance on a college education, specifically, because it helps to prepare students for the work force. In my family, all three of my children are currently in post-secondary, and my middle daughter is a great example of the importance of a college education. She started in a Bachelor of Science program, but was concerned about her job prospects. She then transferred to a Laboratory Sciences Technologist Diploma and has had great success in this program, including an amazing co-op experience.

Her journey demonstrates the need to have a wide range of programs and opportunities for students, and that’s something I’m so proud of at RDC – and it’s also something we will continue in the future. We’re on a very exciting path to become Red Deer University and, as we do this, we will be a unique university.

We’ll keep the range of credentials that we currently have, and we’ll also add our own degrees that are meaningful for students in this region. We want you to gain applied and hands-on knowledge, no matter what program you are in. As we develop our own degrees, we will always keep the ideas of experiential learning, practicums and co-ops in mind, because these are critical pieces of your education that will allow you to transition seamlessly into the work force.

As we plan for RDC’s future, we absolutely want to hear from you, and we will have students at the table for the conversations that shape the university of our future. I look forward to working with our Students’ Association and with students from across the College as we make this institution an even greater place to learn and to start the next chapter in your lives.

I wish you all well as you start your classes and enjoy the excitement that a new term brings. I also look forward to meeting you in the halls and at events across our campuses.

Dr. Peter Nunoda is President of Red Deer College