Fall Reading Break coming to RDC in October 2019

Students at Red Deer College will begin to enjoy the benefits of a five day fall semester break, starting in October 2019.

Post-secondary institutions across the province have been introducing the fall breaks as a way to allow students an opportunity to work on and maintain their mental well-being while not being burdened by the pressures of post-secondary studies. It is believed this will lead to improved mental health, higher retention and a healthier student experience.

“We are excited that Red Deer College is introducing a fall reading break beginning in October 2019,” commented Kass Scholze, Students’ Association President.

“The Students’ Association is constantly trying to ensure a quality student experience for the students of RDC and we believe a semester break in the fall term will go a long way towards an improved experience.”

The Students’ Association conducted a plebiscite asking students if they were in favour of a fall reading break during its recent spring executive elections. The results were resounding — the majority of students were in favour of a break during the fall term. Over 86 percent of students responding were in favour of a new break.

Following the vote, the Students’ Association made a formal request to the College to implement a fall reading break as soon as practically possible.

“The Students’ Association is very pleased Red Deer College recognizes the value of a fall semester break as a way for students to rest and regroup for the final part of the term,” said Scholze.

“We believe the College has made an important step forward in creating an environment for continued student growth and success.”

RDC currently provides students with a mid-term Reading Week in the Winter term, which falls the week of the Family Day holiday.

Makerspace celebrates grand opening

The maker culture is alive and well at Red Deer College and a new fully renovated and expanded Makerspace will ensure it continues long into the future.

The space, located in the Library Information Common, had its grand opening in late October.

“At Red Deer College, we prideourselves on providing experiential learning opportunities for our students, and the Makerspace is another extension of this,” said Dr. Steven Lane, Associate Vice President Academic, in a news release. “Currently, the Makerspace serves a number of students in technology programs, as well as those competing in the design competitions. Looking ahead, even more students may adopt the maker culture that emphasizes the innovation and craft as an important hands-on-skill set.”

Students using the Makerspace have free access to a variety of high- and low-tech maker equipment including 3D printers, a button maker machine and electronic circuits. Makers can create prototypes, film and edit videos, record and mix audio as well as design graphics.

RDC’s first Makerspace was created in 2015 and has grown in popularity and demand as students and community members learn about the space and its benefits.

The renovation and expansion of RDC’s Makerspace was made possible through the Government of Canada’s Post-Secondary institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) grant with matching investment by Red Deer College.

RBC makes $450,000 commitment to RDC

RDC programming focusing on student mental health and wellness, leadership and mentorship and career development are being expanded and enhanced as a result of a $450,000 commitment from RBC and the RBC Foundation.

The funding, which is a continuation of a long-standing partnership between the College and RBC, was announced in October.

Under the funding, RDC will expand programming currently supported in part by RBC Foundation’s past investment to provide enhanced direct support for mental health delivery, including a new 24/7 access online platform. Relevant career development learning opportunities, as well as exposure to local and regional employers will continue. Additionally, the RBC Student Ambassador program will continue to receive support.

The Student Ambassador Program provides valuable skills which help students throughout their years of schooling. It offers the opportunity to become involved, meet new people, and volunteer in the community.

Student Ambassadors joined area dignitaries at the announcement of the commitment of RBC and the RBC Foundation. Ambassadors Adam Shendaruk and Charity Lehn spoke at the event on behalf of the Student Ambassador Leadership Program. Their comments follow.

Adam Shedaruk
Having been out of school for a number of years and returning as a mature student, I wanted to get the most out of my college career and get connected. When I was presented with the opportunity to join a group of people specifically out for the same purpose I was, I jumped at it.

The Student Ambassador Leadership Program was not at all what I thought it was, having said that, it was much, much more than I had hoped for.

Given my outward transparent attitude and demeanor, I thought I would be thrown into a black-and-white, cookie-cutter build of a typical leadership program but was met head long with THE most diverse training and learning seminars and workshops ranging from volunteering in the college at different events, to attending events which enrich and expand my views and thinking.

Watching my peers grow and lead skill-building nights is one of the most rewarding things I have had the pleasure of being a part of. (Returning) as a mature student, I have learned as much from my peers, if not more, than I have hopefully added to them.

This program enables and encourages inclusivity without any discrimination towards people interested as well as topical discussions and workshops regardless of any stigma that may come with said topics.

My most enjoyed workshop to date is actually one of the most stigmatized topics that our society and culture face … it was regarding suicide awareness and prevention, as well as mental health issues in general.

I love what the Student Ambassadors has added to my life and am very grateful for the resources, people and knowledge I have gained and will continue to multiply upon before my time at RDC is done.

Knowledge gained is never knowledge wasted, in my books.

Charity Lehn
In high school I was involved in many different clubs and groups, including the leadership group. I am a person who has always enjoyed being busy and making a difference.

When I started at the college two and a half years ago, I knew I wanted to get involved somehow, but wasn’t quite sure how to do this. I heard about the Student Ambassador Leadership Program and it fit exactly with what I wanted to do.

This is my second year in the program and it has been an amazing experience. I have learned many valuable skills through some of the workshops and volunteering I have done in my time so far.

Some of my favourite workshops have been: time management, budgeting (which is important as a student), and the Strength Finders workshop. I also enjoy our monthly team-building events because they allow me to connect with a diverse group of people that also share a passion for leadership and helping.

Overall, this program has made my college experience better and given me the chance to learn new things.

Kass Scholze joins the SA Executive team

Hello RDC, My name is Kass and I am excited to introduce myself as your new SA President. Currently I am in the Visual Arts program moving towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts aspiring to one day becoming an art instructor.

I look forward to the challenge ahead of me as I learn new skills and network through out the college. I am thrilled to join our already amazing team of executives to maximize the experience of fellow students.

I believe that working together this strong group of individuals can overcome any obstacle. Included in my networking, I hope to meet as many students as I can and better my understanding what is working and where we can improve.

Although my future is filled with orientation for many councils/committees alongside my daily duties, I want emphasize my invitation to all students to not fear approaching me or coming up to the Students’ Association office. There is always time to share who I am and what I am doing.



Become part of the SA’s Partners for Life team

Hello All! Did we enjoy our first month back? No? Well, don’t complain too much. The rest of the year is still to come.

What is coming this semester you may wonder. Well, let me tell you about some of the stuff that the SA has coming up:

Partners for Life Challenge
Earlier this month, you saw a group of dedicated volunteers at both campuses booking appointments for Canadian Blood Services. Can’t get to the donation clinic on your own? The Life Bus is coming to campus! While the October bus is fully booked, spaces are available on the November 23 Life Bus. Book your appointment at the SA’s Main Office.

Also, did you know that SARDC has a goal of collecting 800 donation this year? Follow these steps to join our challenge:

If you donate, register for Students’ Association of Red Deer College: visit https://blood.ca/en/blood/join-your-organization Use the Partner ID Number: REDD011471 (four letters, six numbers) This is a one-time registration. Once registered, your past and future donations will automatically count toward the Students’ Association of Red Deer College. Invite your friends and family to donate with our team!

Mental Health Week
From October 30 to November 3, the focus will be on mental health. Each day will bring different activities and themes designed to help students de-stress, relax, and thrive!

Issues Committee
Keep watch on social media for the announcement of the first meeting of Issues Committee. This committee is chaired by the VP Operations. There are many issues and concerns students bring forward each year to the Students’ Association. It is the responsibility of this group to identify and respond to student concerns and campus safety issues. They will identify strategies to resolve issues and forward these recommendations to the Executive and Students’ Association Councils.  Any student may sit on this committee.
You can reach me at any time at [email protected]

I will leave you now with a joke:

A horse walks into a bar and orders a beer.  The bartender asks the horse “Are you a talking horse?”

The horse answers, “I don’t think I am.” The horse disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Rene Descartes was a 17th Century philosopher who theorized, through the use of methodological skepticism, “I think therefore I am”.

But if I told you that first, I’d be putting Descartes before the horse.



Upcoming campaigns focus on important issues including gender diversity and drug awareness

With the school year in full-swing, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about some awesome upcoming events and campaigns the Students’ Association will be offering this semester.

Later this month, the Students’ Association is partnering with Pride on Campus, Central Alberta Pride and the Trans and Non-Binary Aid Society (TANAS) on Sexual/Gender Diversity events. The first event, Roundtable Discussion, takes place on main campus Tuesday, October 24 in Room 2603, starting at 6 p.m. The second event, Obscure Orientations, takes place at the Donald School of Business Thursday, October 26 in Room 310, starting at 6 p.m.

Earlier this month, the Students’ Association joined with Central Alberta Pride to host a speaker series in the Cenovus Center in honor of National Coming Out Day. All three events are part of the Sexual/Gender Diversity campaign coming out of the Vice President Student Life office.

In November, we will be rolling out our Drug Awareness campaign. The initiative will focus on addiction, recovery, the opioid crisis, and responsible gambling/drinking. We will be teaming up with multiple internal and external partners to make this campaign as impactful as possible. We also hope to start offering Narcotics Anonymous meetings on campus starting sometime this fall.

On November 15, be sure to stop by the Forum to check out the Volunteer Expo. This will be on of the biggest Expos yet! This will help introduce young ambitious students like yourself to local organizations looking to make a difference and recruit volunteers.

December is synonymous with Christmas, snow, and finals. Don’t sweat it too much though because the Students’ Association has your back. To keep you sane during the last month of this semester we will be holding our Great Hot Chocolate event to keep you warm and wired through one of the toughest months of the year.

Be on the lookout for other events such as Mental Health Week, Lip Sync Battle, and as always, Karaoke on Tuesdays in the Far Side Bar and Grill!



Students’ Association president resigns

William Baliko has resigned from the position of President of the Students’ Association of Red Deer College.

In accordance with Students’ Association bylaws, recently-elected Vice President College Affairs Kass Scholze will assume the role of President. Vice President Operations Marian Young had assumed the temporary position of acting President to allow Scholze time to consider what the new role would mean.

SA Executive Council — President Kass Scholze, Vice President Operations Marian Young, Vice President Student Life Chaise Combs — and the recently-elected Student Council will continue to represent and advocate for the students of Red Deer College.

Make time for self-care

Phew! We’ve made it through our first month of classes. Congratulations!

As a second year student, I am finding getting back into the groove of being a student can be difficult. The novelty of post-secondary has faded and now it’s just classes, assignments, blackboard discussions, meetings, and readings. SO MUCH READING.

I just wanted to remind everyone that although your grades and classes are important, so is your mental health! Take care of yourself this semester.

Self-care comes in all forms. Whether you prefer going for walks, drawing, listening to music, or even sleep, taking time to do something for yourself is essential to your long-term success.

Stress can negatively affect your thoughts, emotions, body, and behaviour. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to stop in and see someone in the Counseling and Career Center.

Learning to manage your stress and responsibilities is a huge part of college. Believe me, I’m in the same boat. If you aren’t feeling the need to talk to a professional, do me a favour and do something for yourself. You can always pop into the SA office for a chat too.

Until next time, take care nerds!

Chaise Combs

Student Ambassadors pledge to start a kindness movement at RDC

Student Ambassadors Leadership Program is off and running.


Some of the members of the program volunteered to run, trot, hobble, or walk at the annual Terry Fox Run on Sunday, September 17. It was a perfect day for an outdoor activity and they gave up their Sunday to take part in an important event.

The Ambassadors also attended the Kindness Diaries speaker event September 20, and were gifted with a special session afterwards. Leon Logothetis, from the Netflix series the Kindness Diaries, gave them a half-hour workshop ending with a pledge to be kind and start a kindness movement at the college.

Look for them throughout the year as they do acts of kindness.

Make your Mark

The Students’ Association advocates for and represents students as well as provides services that enhance student life on campus. The Association is led by student leaders elected by students.

Executive Council vacancy

The position of Vice President College Affairs is currently vacant which means there will be a bi-election later this month to fill this position.
Nominations open the first day of classes. Come to the SA Office if you’re interested in becoming the next Vice President College Affairs!

The VP College Affairs assists students with academic and non-academic appeals. They also provide feedback on proposed curriculum and policy changes. In addition, they work to resolve issues students are facing at Red Deer College. The VP College Affairs also assist the President in their duties and assumes the responsibilities of the President in their temporary absence.

The VP College Affairs must take a maximum of 15 academic credits per term and must also maintain a minimum of 20 offices hours during the regular business hours of the SA. The elected VP College Affairs must also attend events which are outside of the standard office hours.

To qualify to run in the bi-election for the position of the VP College Affairs, a student must be enrolled as a Red Deer College student – Collaborative students may not stand as candidates – and have achieved a minimum of 2.0 GPA during the most recent Winter Semester.
Individuals who have previously served two elected terms as a member of the Executive Council are also not eligible unless four years have elapsed.

Student Council

Students’ Association Council addresses student needs and concerns, so a large part of the job is listening to students and taking action to lobby for their rights and make their experience at College the best it can be. Council organizes informative awareness campaigns and fun events to improve the student experience. Each councilor represents one of the six Schools at RDC and an SA-recognized student group on campus.

Council meets every two weeks to give reports, reflect on initiatives and/or campaigns, and discuss the governance and finances of the organization. Each Councillor is required to sit on at least two Council-related committees and attend at least two Council-sponsored events per month.

Beyond that, Council is all about time, effort, and commitment you are willing to invest in yourself and your student constituents! You’ll learn valuable skills and make new friends.

If you are interested in running for a seat on Council or the elections processes, contact Martin Cruz at [email protected] or 403-356-4964.

Exercise your voting skills

It’s time to exercise your voting skills and make your mark! Voting is online through the Loop and begins September 26 at 9 a.m. to elect the Students’ Association Council and the Vice President College Affairs. Voting closes September 28 at 3 p.m. followed with the announcement and results party at the Far Side Bar & Grill!