Loving Your Unloved Parts

Join Riley Lawson as she talks about the importance of self-acceptance, building trust with yourself, and how to operate from your Higher Self to make aligned decisions/take aligned actions.

Date: Thursday, January 9th
Room: 2601 (Main Campus)
Time: 4:00 p.m. (approximately 1 hour)
Supplies: Just you AND a pen!
Refreshments: will be provided

Notice to the Membership

DRAG SHOW with 4Q + 2 Special Queens


To kick off 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, let’s first have a night of fabulous fun! Join 4Q’s very own DD Fierce & Sparkle Emotion with special guests Ruby Hymen and Olivia Leads on November 20th for an evening of drag entertainment. The best part? Ticket sales support our student food bank! You can get yours at the SA Office or at the door with a minimum $5 donation.


For more details, please contact your Vice President Community & Wellness, Jessica Hennelly, at [email protected]

You’re Invited: President Installation Ceremony

The Red Deer College Board of Governors invites you to the installation of RDC’s 11th President, Dr. Peter Nunoda.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Ceremony: 3:00 pm
Mainstage | RDC Arts Centre
Reception to follow in the Arts Centre Foyer

Everyone is welcome to attend this celebration. Complimentary parking is available in the West Public Parking Lot on RDC’s main campus.

Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting

The Students’ Association would like to invite all Members to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will take place on Wednesday, October 30th at 12:00 p.m. in the Far Side Bar & Grill.

Agenda Items Include:
– Release of 2018-2019
Annual Report
– 2019/2020 Execute Council Mid-Term Reports
– Proposed Bylaw Amendments

From the President’s Desk

Welcome from RDC’s new President, Dr. Peter Nunoda

Welcome to Red Deer College! Whether you are coming here for the first time or continuing in your program, we’re so happy to have you here.

Like many of you, I’m new to RDC, as I officially started in my position as President on September 3. I am honoured to be your new President, because I believe in what this College is and in what it will become as Red Deer University. It is a pillar in this community that can change the lives of students and people from across the region.

I have dedicated my career to post-secondary education, as I have more than 30 years working in this sector as a faculty member, researcher and administrator. I’m passionate about being a leader and an educator, which allows me to be part of the journey as you, our students, grow personally and professionally.

I strongly believe in the value of post-secondary education, and I place great importance on a college education, specifically, because it helps to prepare students for the work force. In my family, all three of my children are currently in post-secondary, and my middle daughter is a great example of the importance of a college education. She started in a Bachelor of Science program, but was concerned about her job prospects. She then transferred to a Laboratory Sciences Technologist Diploma and has had great success in this program, including an amazing co-op experience.

Her journey demonstrates the need to have a wide range of programs and opportunities for students, and that’s something I’m so proud of at RDC – and it’s also something we will continue in the future. We’re on a very exciting path to become Red Deer University and, as we do this, we will be a unique university.

We’ll keep the range of credentials that we currently have, and we’ll also add our own degrees that are meaningful for students in this region. We want you to gain applied and hands-on knowledge, no matter what program you are in. As we develop our own degrees, we will always keep the ideas of experiential learning, practicums and co-ops in mind, because these are critical pieces of your education that will allow you to transition seamlessly into the work force.

As we plan for RDC’s future, we absolutely want to hear from you, and we will have students at the table for the conversations that shape the university of our future. I look forward to working with our Students’ Association and with students from across the College as we make this institution an even greater place to learn and to start the next chapter in your lives.

I wish you all well as you start your classes and enjoy the excitement that a new term brings. I also look forward to meeting you in the halls and at events across our campuses.

Dr. Peter Nunoda is President of Red Deer College

From the President’s Desk

You are the reason RDC exists

This is my final article as President of RDC/University as I am retiring. Our new President, Dr. Peter Nunoda, starts his tenure in September. He has a strong background from his work at post-secondary institutions across Canada, and he is committed to supporting you, our students.

As I reflect on my ten years as President, it is clear that the future for RDC as a University is unlimited, and it is because of all of you.

Because of you, the government of Alberta finally said ‘yes’ to RDC becoming a university. Countless students added their voices to this ask, and you were heard. It is perhaps the most significant decision ever made to ensure our institution and region will grow and prosper.

Because of you, our campuses are welcoming, dynamic and growing. The Donald School of Business and the Welikoklad Event Centre ensure downtown will be vibrant. The Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre is an iconic landmark defining our community to all who pass on the QE2. Our new residence clad in solar panels and our Alternative Energy Lab are examples of RDC/U’s leadership in becoming carbon neutral and energy independent.

These facilities are here for our students. Without you, there would be no need, and without you, they would just be buildings. It is what happens within the walls of RDC that makes me the most proud, as you bring the energy and determination and passion to succeed.

Because of you, 16 new programs have been launched, which ensures more students can remain in central Alberta to complete their education. You have spoken up and said you need even more possibilities, even more opportunities to take programs that will lead to meaningful careers, and we have been listening. Our ten-year academic plan, led by Dr. Paulette Hanna, ensures we will launch even more programs, including new degrees, as we complete our University transition.

Our future as a comprehensive regional teaching university will be strengthened and enhanced by launching new programs including trades and apprenticeship, certificates, diplomas and degrees, and we will continue to measure success by who we let in, not who we keep out.

I have always been reluctant to share my story, but I did recently at Convocation, and I will now, because it demonstrates the power of post-secondary education, and its ability to change lives.

I got kicked out of high school at 16 for reasons I won’t go into (let’s just say I didn’t like school and school didn’t like me.) So, 16 years of age, out of school, with no prospects and no real family, I ran away from home. With all my worldly possessions in a shopping bag, $10 in my pocket, hair down to my butt with an attitude to match, I hitch-hiked west.

I stayed in hostels, hustled pool, made money where I could – and saw people at their worst, including myself. Lots happened in those years, but that really isn’t the point of the story.

Fast forward eight years and, with the help of a few people who had faith in me, just as there are many others who might have helped you along the way, I went to University. I was put on probation and needed to prove I could handle the work for one semester and, if I was successful, I would be allowed to continue. Well, I graduated and the doors of possibility flew open.

It is at college that I learned the transformative power of education to change lives. I was given a second chance, and for that I am grateful. The experience taught me to never give up, keep learning, and it taught me to stand up for what I believed.

It is because of you and it is for you that RDC exists. At this College – soon to be University – second chances are given, lives are changed, and society benefits.

It has been an honour and privilege to serve as the tenth President of RDC/U. Please accept my sincere thanks for allowing me to be part of your College. Being part of RDC’s journey, and watching thousands of you graduate each year has brought me great joy and fulfillment.

Joel Ward is President & CEO of Red Deer College.

Your 2019-2020 Student Executive Team has been Elected!

On March 28th, Red Deer College students elected their 2019-2020 Students’ Association student executives in the annual general election!

The team consists of:

  • President Brittany Lausen,
  • Vice President Academic Esther Schilling,
  • Vice President Operations David Anderson, and
  • Vice President Community & Wellness Jessica Hennelly.

All newly elected members of executive council will take office on May 1st.

“We are grateful for those students who took the time to participate in this election, either by voting, attending forums, or expressing their priorities,” said outgoing President Chaise Combs.

“I’m especially appreciative of this year’s candidates. It takes real courage to put oneself out there and campaign while maintaining a focus on academics. The hard work they all put in demonstrates how passionate they are about their education and the future of Red Deer University. I have the utmost confidence in this team.”

The current executive team (Chaise Combs, President; Esther Schilling, Vice President Academic; Brittany Lausen, Vice President Community & Wellness) will remain in office until April 30th.

Students’ Association proud to support the Canada Winter Games

The Students’ Association’s membership has donated $500,000 to the Gary W. Harris Centre for Health, Wellness & Sport.

“This is truly a monumental time in the history of Red Deer College,” said Students’ Association President Maryanne McGrath, at the construction launch for the Centre Friday, March 11. “Student leaders carry the duty of honoring the decisions of past students, an obligation to build on those decisions in the present, and the responsibility of anticipating the needs of future students.

“For over 15 years, the students of Red Deer College have been investing a portion of their fees in the Building Trust Fund – in anticipation of being a key player in the future growth of Red Deer College. That day has come.

“I am honored to announce that the students of today have committed to investing five hundred thousand dollars to Red Deer College’s ‘Shaping our Future’ campaign.”

The donation was approved by the membership at the Students’ Association Spring General Meeting March 1.

“By investing in our own futures, students are guaranteeing that those who follow in our footsteps will have every opportunity to succeed at Red Deer College. Students hope to further the vision of what is to come for Red Deer College, through the Shaping our Future campaign, the bid to become a Polytechnic University, and the execution of the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

“Thank you for standing with students as we shape our future together.”

In recognition of the students’ contribution, Red Deer College has generously offered to re-purpose meaningful space, allocated for use by the Students’ Association and its Members.

RDC establishes cannabis free policy across campuses

Red Deer College, like all post-secondary institutions across the country, has had to carefully consider our position about cannabis use on campus. After looking at what this means for RDC and all of the people who use our campuses, we have established that RDC will be cannabis free across our campuses, including all Residence units.

We have a diverse population of people of all ages who are at our campuses each day, and we also know that we will have equally diverse opinions about the decision for RDC to be completely cannabis free.

To provide background on this decision:

  • RDC’s campuses are subject to City of Red Deer bylaws, including the recently updated Smoke Free Bylaw, which prohibits consuming cannabis in public, including smoking and vaping cannabis.
  • This bylaw applies to all areas of campus except our Residence units. As a landlord, RDC has jurisdiction under the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta to decide whether or not to allow cannabis use in Residence. RDC is banning cannabis use and consumption in Residence because we believe it is the best way to serve the health, safety and wellness needs of all people living in Residence, including families and children.
  • Safety is another important factor, as students, faculty and staff all operate and use a wide variety of potential safety hazards in our shops and labs. We want to provide a safe place for people to learn, work and have success at RDC.

The new Cannabis on Campus Policy has been created to address our position. Additional details are also available on the Cannabis on Campus page on RDC’s website and on the Health, Safety & Wellness page on TheLoop.

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is new for our society, and RDC has made the decision to be cannabis free because we believe it is in the best interest of our College community. We want to provide a safe place for people of all ages to learn, work and live, and creating a cannabis free campus is another way to achieve this.


If you have questions, please contact me at [email protected] or at 403.314.2472.