RDC’s Sexual Wellness, Empowerment, Respect & Violence Education group (SWERVE) seeks to educate, raise awareness and provide resources for all people within the College community about the topic/issue of sexual assault and abuse.

SWERVE collaborates with other groups and organizations inside the College to better the safety and wellness of the students and supports and collaborate with organizations outside the College who help and assist survivors and who also promote a positive well-being and mental health within the community. The group also works with and supports the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre (CASASC)

SWERVE Activities

• meetings & get-togethers

• awareness events/education

• support campaigns such as
“I Believe You”

• support other groups/ organizations/events such as Students’ Association’s Risque Bingo

Sound Interesting?

To learn more about becoming involved, email SWERVE at [email protected]

Motion Picture Arts Society

The Motion Picture Arts Society brings light and information to the public about the film industry while garnering an appreciation for the cinematic arts.

Motion Picture Arts Society Activities

  • Film screenings
  • Screenings After Parties
  • Various film-related workshops
  • Guest speakers


To learn more about membership, contact the Society at [email protected]

Education Undergrad Society

The Education Undergrad Society seeks to create a welcoming environment and friendly face for all students at Red Deer College and reaches out into the community. It creates personal development sessions for all education students.


Education Undergrad Society Activities

  • PD sessions
  • Program mixers
  • Volunteering in the community


Sound Interesting?

To learn more about the Education Undergrad Society, please email [email protected]


Refresh members meet, connect and ‘refresh’ weekly as a Christian community at RDC.

Refresh Activities

  • Weekly meetings
  • Discussions
  • Watch a video series
  • Games & activities


To learn more about Refresh membership, please email [email protected]

Visual Arts Society

The Visual Arts Society seeks to expand students’ artistic knowledge, open up opportunities to explore new mediums and provide openings for additional practice. The Society also strives to unite students and strengthen the art community.

The Visual Arts Society keeps students up-to-date with local opportunities and events. It also strives to involve non-art students in its activities.

Visual Art Society Activities

  • Figure drawing sessions
  • Student sales
  • Printmaking
  • Calligraphy
  • Movie Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Volunteer opportunities


To learn more about the Visual Arts Society, please email [email protected] or check out the Society Facebook page RDC Visual Art Society.

Creative Writers’ Society

The Creative Writers’ Society seeks to unite writers of prose, poetry, and beyond to share their work and grow in their craft.

Creative Writers’ Society Activities

  • Weekly meetings: Meetings consist of discussion, sharing and constructive critique.
  • Writing-based events
  • Writing-based fundraisers

Sound Interesting?

To learn more about CWS membership, email [email protected]