Students for the House

Mission and Purpose of Group: To raise awareness of the needs of sick kids and provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for students to make a difference.

Contact: [email protected]

Nursing Society

Mission and Purpose of Group: Connect Nursing students to PN and RN programs and mediate between students and faculty.

Ceramics Club

Mission and Purpose of Group: To promote unity and fellowship among students within the Visual Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts program, specifically Ceramics, at Red Deer College.

Blood Club

Mission and Purpose of Group: Active involvement in recruiting blood donors in the college community.

Contact: [email protected]

Legal Assistant Students’ Society

Mission and Purpose of Group: To promote unity and fellowship within the Legal Assistant students by providing seminars, open meetings and workshops.

Social Work Student Society

The Social Work Student Society seeks to create a sense of belonging and community among students. It also seeks to raise awareness surrounding social issues.

Another goal of the group is to raise money for the program and support the program’s graduates.

Social Work Student Society Activities

  • raise awareness through Mental Health Awareness Week, Family Violence Prevention Month, Social Work Week
  • raise awareness of social issues
  • fundraise to support program

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To learn more about membership in the Social Work Student Society, please email [email protected]

The RDC Kinesiology Society

The RDC Kinesiology Society seeks to engage the student body and embrace cohesion between student groups. It also seeks to foster interest in kinesiology.

The Society hopes to ensure the future success of the group and to generate potential scholarships funded by the Society.

RDC Kinesiology Society Activities

  • Social events
  • Fundraising
  • Year-end event
  • Scholarship opportunities

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To find out about membership in the RDC Kinesiology Society, email [email protected]

Pride on Campus

Pride on Campus promotes awareness, acceptance and understanding of the LGBTIQA+ within Red Deer and Central Alberta. It provides a comfortable and safe environment to discuss issues around LGBTIQA+. It also creates a forum of education, fundraising and social activities and events with a positive focus on the LGBTIQA+ community.

Pride on Campus is a growing society and it welcomes people of ALL genders and sexualities. If you will accept us, we will accept you! We are a group that will open our arms to welcome and accept everyone.

Pride on Campus Activities

  • Workshops: We hope to hold workshops to educate people and increase awareness and understanding of the LGBTIQA+ community, and the issues we face, as well as to help people learn about the different genders and sexualities and help foster a sense of well-being, acceptance, and personal growth within, and outside, the community.

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To learn more about membership in Pride on Campus, email [email protected]

African Caribbean Society

The African Caribbean Society seeks to bring the diverse cultures of the African Caribbean countries to the forefront at Red Deer College and in the Red Deer community.

It seeks to establish a society that will serve as the hub of the RDC campus, providing a welcoming atmosphere, showing respect for diversity and supporting all members.

African Caribbean Society Activities

  • cultural gala nights (celebrating cultures)
  • fundraising for charities
  • giving back to the community (community services)
  • interpersonal relationship building
  • end of the year (semester) events
  • Black History Month
  • African Caribbean events
  • engagement & capacity building

Sound Interesting?

To contact the African Caribbean Society, please email [email protected]

GAME Society

The GAME Society brings like-minded people together to share and trade anime, manga, video games and various forms of media. The GAME Society was formerly known as the Anime & Magna Society.

Game Society Activities

  • Weekly meetings
  • Conventions
  • Games
  • Bake sales


To find out about GAME Society membership, email [email protected]