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Student Voices = Student Choices

The Students’ Association is here to represent all students on campus. To do this requires representation from the student body and this means we need your voice. Here are some ways you can become engaged at RDC: 1) Students’ Association Council. It is the highest governing body of the Students’ Association and allows students to […]

Your Students’ Association at Work

EXPANSION In 2016, the students of Red Deer College voted to donate $500,000 to the College for the development of the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre. In recognition of this gift, the College is re-purposing the current Train Station for the Students’ Association to expand its footprint. The space will be used for student […]

RDC students elect 2016-2017 Executive Council

The 2016 Students’ Association Executive Elections are now at an end. Welcome and congratulations to the 2016-2017 Executive team! 2016-2017 Executive President: Maryanne McGrath VP College Affairs: Ben Fleury VP Operations: Nonso Onwuekwe VP Student Life: Aiden Bridger Maryanne McGrath is set to serve her second consecutive term as Students’ Association President after garnering 78 […]

Students’ Association membership donates $500,000 to Harris Centre

The Students’ Association’s membership has donated $500,000 to the Gary W. Harris Centre for Health, Wellness & Sport. “This is truly a monumental time in the history of Red Deer College,” said Students’ Association President Maryanne McGrath, at the construction launch for the Centre Friday, March 11. “Student leaders carry the duty of honoring the […]

Students’ Association Executive Elections take place March 15 and 16

Hello Everyone, James Hill here, your friendly neighborhood Elections Officer. With all the hoopla going on around campus, I’m sure you have noticed that we are in the middle of an election. Of course, it’s not just any old election – it’s the Students’ Association Executive Election! If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend […]

Forge Your Future: Students’ Association Executive Elections

Welcome back! Whether it was studious or otherwise, I sincerely hope everyone had a fantastic reading week and are coming back feeling refreshed and prepared for the final drive to April. I know the Students’ Association is ready, and it’s a good thing too as we are gearing up for the big one: Executive Elections. […]