A message from your Students’ Association President

Students can study with ease knowing their Students’ Association has their well-being in mind during the 2019 Canada Winter Games and RDC’s transition to University status. 

On behalf of the Students’ Association of Red Deer College, I’d like to extend the warmest of welcomes to you, our students. I am thrilled that you chose to study here with us. For those of you beginning your post-secondary journey, I want you to know that it’s okay to be nervous. I was nervous too and, honestly, sometimes still am. College can be daunting, but don’t fret; your Students’ Association has your back! We provide a number of services to make student life more enjoyable and affordable. I am optimistic about advocating on behalf of our students for reasonably priced tuition, affordable services, scholarships, mental health funding, and much more.

This year, I look forward to ensuring that students are adequately represented as Red Deer College begins its transition to University status. I will work closely with our Vice President Academic, Esther Schilling, to promote the student perspective as new programs are developed and introduced. The transition to University status will be one of the top priorities of the Students’ Association in the coming years. The transition team, led by the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Torben Anderson, needs proper and thorough student representation. We will work to ensure that Red Deer College continues to offer certificates, diplomas, trades, and collaborative degrees as it expands its capacity to offer baccalaureate degrees with applied focuses that will prepare students for gainful employment in the new economy.

We have our work cut out for us as we prepare for the logistical challenges that the 2019 Canada Winter Games will present students, especially those living in residence. The College must be held accountable to properly accommodate students affected. That being said, the Games will also present a number of exciting volunteer opportunities that we will happily help you connect with.

Recently, Red Deer College celebrated the opening of the Canada Winter Games Gary W. Harris Centre. I am proud that our members recognized the value of this new facility and encouraged its construction with a donation of half a million dollars. By financially supporting this building, we as students are investing in both Central Alberta and the mental and physical well-being of current and future students. Students have assisted in the expansion of learning opportunities and increased support for our Athletics department who will now have the facilities to not only cultivate their talent but host athletes from across Canada.

In recognition of the students’ donation, the College is allowing us to expand our footprint into the former training facility on campus, which is something we are very excited about. This expansion will give us space to further engage our students and enhance our capacity to fulfill the needs of our members.

Before I go, I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to get involved in your college community however you feel most comfortable doing so. Red Deer College will present you with countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. Don’t take on more than you can handle, but do your best to challenge yourself with the many leadership opportunities available to students on campus. Seize the day, invest in yourself, get involved, and we can grow together.

I am confident we are going to have a memorable year together. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me via email at [email protected], in person in room 2010, or by phone at 403-342-3200.