Your SA at Work

Your Students’ Association at work



• In 2016, the students of Red Deer College voted to donate $500,000 to the College for the development of the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre. In recognition of this gift, the College is re-purposing the current Train Station for the Students’ Association to expand its footprint.

• The space will be used for student groups development and as a new hub for RDC students. The anticipated move-in date is Summer 2018.


Recent wins for Students

• In 2016, students were asked if they were in favour of a Fall Reading Break in the 2017 Spring Elections, 86.2% of the respondents said yes. The College responded with the implementation of the Fall Reading Break starting in Fall 2019.

• In 2014, the SA advocated for an affordable transit pass to the City of Red Deer. In 2015, the City introduced the Semester Passes exclusive to RDC students. The semester passes are $140/semester saving students $200 a year!

• In 2015, the French and Spanish courses were cut at RDC. The SA advocated on behalf of students to have languages reinstated. French was reinstated for Winter 2016.

To find out more about where your fees go, visit the Students' Association Fees in a Nutshell page or the SA office in Room 2010.