Student Voices = Student Choices

Date Posted: July 15, 2016

The Students’ Association is here to represent all students on campus. To do this requires representation from the student body and this means we need your voice.

Here are some ways you can become engaged at RDC:

1) Students’ Association Council. It is the highest governing body of the Students’ Association and allows students to get involved with the decision-making process at the college, advocate for their peers and gain life experience. It also offers the opportunity for professional development. Nominations open at the Fall General Meeting, Tuesday, September 20 in the Far Side Bar & Grill.

Want more information? Contact Vice President Operations Nonso Onwuekwe at 403-346-4977 or sardc-vpop(at)

2) Academic Council. This is the highest academic body on campus, responsible for policy and curriculum. Nominations for Academic Council open at the Fall General Meeting.

Interested? Contact Vice President College Affairs Ben Fleury at 403-356-4971 or sardc-vpca(at)

3) Volunteering. Giving yourself to a higher purpose allows people to have new exciting experiences. Volunteering is giving yourself to a higher cause. It allows for you to meet new people, attain personal growth, provide leadership, and give back to your community.

At the Students’ Association there are opportunities to expand your experiences. We want your experience at RDC to be some of the best years of your life. We recruit volunteers to help with multiple events including Week of Welcome and elections. Your help is appreciated! There are many experiences waiting for you …

Want to become a part of a fun-filled team of volunteers? Contact Vice President Student Life Aiden Bridger at 403-356-4975 or sardc-vpsl(at)

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