RDC Student Groups in spotlight October 18 and 19

Date Posted: October 3, 2016

There’s more to college than the classroom ... so make time to become involved in campus life. One great way to expand your horizons, have a whole lot of fun and meet new people is to join one of the many student groups at the college.

There are currently over 20 active student groups on campus — ranging from program-related to interest-based groups. Current groups include Nursing Society, Anime & Manga Fan Society, Pride on Campus, Political Science Society, Creative Writers Society, TVP Society and many more!

Interested in joining a group?
Student Group Days are held twice a year on both of RDC’s campuses. It is an opportunity for groups to showcase themselves and sign up members.

So on October 18 and 19, take a few moments and check out the student groups at RDC. Consider joining one or two or more, or maybe even create your own. For more information, please contact Aiden Bridger, Vice President Student Life, at 403-342-3200 or by email at sardc-vpsl(at)rdc.ab.ca

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