RBC makes $450,000 commitment to RDC

Date Posted: November 6, 2017

RDC programming focusing on student mental health and wellness, leadership and mentorship and career development are being expanded and enhanced as a result of a $450,000 commitment from RBC and the RBC Foundation.

The funding, which is a continuation of a long-standing partnership between the College and RBC, was announced in October.

Under the funding, RDC will expand programming currently supported in part by RBC Foundation’s past investment to provide enhanced direct support for mental health delivery, including a new 24/7 access online platform. Relevant career development learning opportunities, as well as exposure to local and regional employers will continue. Additionally, the RBC Student Ambassador program will continue to receive support.

The Student Ambassador Program provides valuable skills which help students throughout their years of schooling. It offers the opportunity to become involved, meet new people, and volunteer in the community.

Student Ambassadors joined area dignitaries at the announcement of the commitment of RBC and the RBC Foundation. Ambassadors Adam Shendaruk and Charity Lehn spoke at the event on behalf of the Student Ambassador Leadership Program. Their comments follow.

Adam Shedaruk
Having been out of school for a number of years and returning as a mature student, I wanted to get the most out of my college career and get connected. When I was presented with the opportunity to join a group of people specifically out for the same purpose I was, I jumped at it.

The Student Ambassador Leadership Program was not at all what I thought it was, having said that, it was much, much more than I had hoped for.

Given my outward transparent attitude and demeanor, I thought I would be thrown into a black-and-white, cookie-cutter build of a typical leadership program but was met head long with THE most diverse training and learning seminars and workshops ranging from volunteering in the college at different events, to attending events which enrich and expand my views and thinking.

Watching my peers grow and lead skill-building nights is one of the most rewarding things I have had the pleasure of being a part of. (Returning) as a mature student, I have learned as much from my peers, if not more, than I have hopefully added to them.

This program enables and encourages inclusivity without any discrimination towards people interested as well as topical discussions and workshops regardless of any stigma that may come with said topics.

My most enjoyed workshop to date is actually one of the most stigmatized topics that our society and culture face … it was regarding suicide awareness and prevention, as well as mental health issues in general.

I love what the Student Ambassadors has added to my life and am very grateful for the resources, people and knowledge I have gained and will continue to multiply upon before my time at RDC is done.

Knowledge gained is never knowledge wasted, in my books.

Charity Lehn
In high school I was involved in many different clubs and groups, including the leadership group. I am a person who has always enjoyed being busy and making a difference.

When I started at the college two and a half years ago, I knew I wanted to get involved somehow, but wasn’t quite sure how to do this. I heard about the Student Ambassador Leadership Program and it fit exactly with what I wanted to do.

This is my second year in the program and it has been an amazing experience. I have learned many valuable skills through some of the workshops and volunteering I have done in my time so far.

Some of my favourite workshops have been: time management, budgeting (which is important as a student), and the Strength Finders workshop. I also enjoy our monthly team-building events because they allow me to connect with a diverse group of people that also share a passion for leadership and helping.

Overall, this program has made my college experience better and given me the chance to learn new things.

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