A New Chapter: Time to open your book

Date Posted: September 5, 2017

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember,  Involve me and I learn.”

Off to college — growing up — the next stage of life — starting a new chapter. 

We’ve all heard them … those tiny phrases and simple terms used to describe this general insanity that we are all expected to smoothly transition through.

This move to adulthood is something we are all told is necessary; and maybe it is, but don’t spend too much time focusing on that. Not today, not when so much opportunity is constantly circulating around us here. 

Besides, many of the most inspiring individuals focused on not growing up: Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Robin Williams, and Vincent van Gogh, just to name a few. These accomplished visionaries and heroes made a point to look through the world with youthful eyes, searching for ways to find joy and then to share it. 

And that’s it! The magic key. 

Yes, this change in life is huge, there will be down days, there will be learning the hard way, but around every corner there will be chances to do something new, meet someone new, and experience something new.  Trust me (or not), take those chances!

I remember my first couple weeks here. I was completely new to Red Deer, had never been to this kind of school, and just about everything was new to me. It was terrifying. It was a pure adventure. It was also a period that taught me an immense amount about myself — a time of drastic personal growth. 

I became involved in groups and events I had no previous knowledge of, like Students’ Association Council, which was a whole new world of adventure and excitement!  These new experiences tested me in ways I never expected, which also meant I was exposed to talents and areas of enjoyment that I did not know I had. The takeaway from this is that the possibilities are endless! 

So take some time to get to know you by pushing you out there. Get out and find out! As a former professor here used to say, “Jump into the mote!” Sure, the water might be cold, but the castle is yours for the taking. 

And guess what? You are likely already out of your comfort zone just because of this life change. Now that you are already out there, why not explore further? 

We are told these are the best days of our lives — I think these can be the best days — the choice is yours. 

Like the quote at the top of this article: you can read about it (“tell me”) and forget, you can hear about it (“teach me”) and maybe remember, or you can get involved and actually learn and grow. 

Yes, this is a new chapter, this is a chance to open up the book of your life and write the next part of your story. 

Like my Dad says, “Welcome to the next day of the rest of your life; welcome to unlimited opportunity — your opportunity.”

Article Author: William Baliko, SA President

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