Give A Little campaign raises a lot

Date Posted: December 4, 2014

Tuition. Groceries. Rent. Gas for the car. Bills can add up quickly.

And at times you can probably feel at a loss as to how to make ends meet. You scan your bank account, talk to family, and still wonder how next month will take care of itself. Hopefully by now, whether you are first year or fourth, you have discovered all of the supports at RDC from finances to tutoring.

One such support is the Emergency Bursary Fund. This fund is available to students who are experiencing a financial shortfall due to unforeseen circumstances or uncontrollable expenses — a car breaking down in the middle of term, or your family suddenly being unable to support you. Last year, 29 students received assistance totalling  $40,000.

The Fund Development office at RDC (the team that engages donors around supports for RDC and our students) saw this as an opportunity to raise some money to support even more students through the fund. By connecting with the Students’ Association and KIN Campus Club, we were able to put together an event called Give a Little.

Many of you saw us in the Forum Friday, Nov. 7 – giving out taco-in-a-bag with loud music blaring as we collected donations. Well, we wanted to let you know together – staff, faculty and students – raised $14,000 in support of the Emergency Bursary Fund. We were ecstatic to see so many people come out to ‘give a little’ – so thank you for helping us, help you.

If throughout your time here at RDC you find yourself with a shortfall and don’t know where to turn, go to the Student Funding & Awards Office and they can help you apply for an Emergency Bursary Fund. Just remember – you’re not alone, and we’re here to help make your RDC experience amazing.

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