Frequently asked questions regarding the Health and Dental Plan answered

Date Posted: January 29, 2016

Why is the plan mandatory?
With a mandatory plan, the insurance risk is spread over a larger number of students, thereby lowering the cost per student, making the fee in a range that is affordable to students. The health and dental benefit plan is mandatory for all full time (minimum nine billable credits) students who do not have other comparable extended health and dental coverage.

Why can’t I opt out in January if I am a September start student?
As this is an annual plan (September 1 to August 31), students are given a period of time to opt-out or add family at the beginning of the policy.  After that period, the policy is activated, and we are unable to make changes to the policy until the anniversary date.  To alleviate the financial stress on the student, the plan fee is assessed in two payments, fall and winter terms.

Is this plan the same as my provincial health care?
No.  The Student Benefits Plan is an extended health and dental plan, which supplements your existing provincial health care.  It DOES NOT replace your provincial health care.  Student benefits are payable after any provincial health care benefits have been exhausted.  This plan does not cover user fees.

How do I pay the fee?
The fees for the health and dental plans will be assessed automatically by the institution at registration if you meet the eligibility criteria previously listed.

Who do I contact for claims related issues?
Students must contact Great West Life customer service (1-800-957-9777) directly to inquire about payment status and claims history details.  Your Benefit Plan Office does not have access to your claim details.

Who do I contact for eligibility and enrolment inquires?
Students must contact the SARDC Student Benefits Plan Office for eligibility and/or enrolment status.  What if I already have coverage?
You can co-ordinate your two benefit plans to increase your coverage up to a total of 100 percent of the actual expenses occurred.

Opting Out of the Student Benefits
If you are an eligible student and have comparable health and/or dental coverage you may apply to opt-out of the benefits.
Each student is given ONE opportunity to opt-out of the benefits under the health and/or dental plans each year.  
All Opt-Out Forms must be completed online or through the SARDC Student Benefits Plan Office and must be received by the applicable deadline.  

If you have any questions regarding your Extended Health and Dental Benefits, please contact Karen Krasowski, Room 2010A in the Students’ Association;  phone 403-356-4982; email reddeerplan(at); website (choose Students’ Association of Red Deer College).

Article Author: Karen Krasowski, Benefit Plan Coordinator

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