Consciousness and its relation to death and dying under discussion at March 12 Psyc Society event

Date Posted: March 5, 2015

The Red Deer College Psyc Society will be hosting the first-ever Conversation on Mind Thursday, March 12. Three speakers — Dr. Jamie Prowse-Turner, Dr. Daniel Haas and Dr. Elena Antoniadis — will discuss the topic of consciousness and how it relates to death and dying.

“This is very timely given the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark decision striking down the ban on doctor-assisted suicide,” says Psyc Society President Daniel Geary.

“There is evidence that has been presented to support claims that death appears to be a time where some phenomena surrounding the brain and death allow for suggestions that the current conception of death as ultimately ending and shutting off the mind along with the body may need to be explored further.”

Each speaker will give a 10-minute presentation on the topic, then their fellow panelists will question them on their position. Once all three speakers have presented and defended their positions, the audience will be encouraged to ask questions.

“I think this is an excellent way to start the conversation on a very important and difficult topic,” commented Geary. “It is important to expand the public understanding regarding these issues without bias.

“Therefore, through the presentation of scientific/academic research on the subject, and by creating a dialogue which is focused upon beginning to explore the functional basis for understanding experiences and consciousness surrounding the mind around the time of death, may in fact , reveal great insight into what ultimately lies in wait for us all.”

Geary said the RDC Psyc Society hopes this event will engage the RDC campus and Central Alberta community and expand the breadth and diversity of Central Alberta and inspire people to ‘think differently’.

Conversation on Mind: Death and Dying takes place March 12 in the Margaret Parsons Theatre. The evening begins at 7 p.m. Refreshments will follow in the Forum.

This event is sponsored by CAT Fund. The Cultural Activities Trust Fund, better known as the CAT Fund, helps fund cultural events on campus at Red Deer College. The committee, which administers this fund, consists of RDC students and faculty.

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