Ambassador program participants learn and develop important skills

Date Posted: February 6, 2017

Many students attend post secondary with the desire of getting a career to make a difference in the lives of others and to build towards a sense of community.

I believe post-secondary students often feel as if they are in abeyance where they are not yet feeling accomplished in their goals. The Ambassador Program at Red Deer College helps to eliminate these feelings.

I have found this program’s training in leadership and opportunities for volunteering help students create that desired difference while students can continue to work to complete their academics.

The leadership development can help grow skills in teamwork, communication, assertiveness, problem solving, and innovation. These skills are not only highly important in future careers, but also in everyday opportunities and connections.

I have found the program incredibly student-friendly and its schedule is entirely based on your level of commitment. Team building events with fellow ambassadors have helped me develop relationships I would not have otherwise created, and the volunteer work has allowed for building ties within and outside RDC.

I would highly recommend the Ambassador program to anyone wishing to have a greater sense of purpose and to feel a part of a greater whole.

Article Author: Sylvie M. Masson, Ambassador Program

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