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Make time for self-care

As a second year student, I am finding getting back into the groove of being a student can be difficult. The novelty of post-secondary has faded and now it’s just classes, assignments, blackboard discussions, meetings, and readings. SO MUCH READING.

Student Ambassadors pledge to start a kindness movement at RDC

Make your Mark

The Students’ Association advocates for and represents students as well as provides services that enhance student life on campus. The Association is led by student leaders elected by students.

A New Chapter: Time to open your book

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn.”


Share your thoughts & ideas

Viewpoints is always looking for creative individuals to contribute! Viewpoints accepts submissions of news stories, columns, opinion pieces, reviews, sports stories, photography, creative writing, art and more. Contribute as much or as little as your schedule allows.

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