Student Council

Students' Association Council

Student Council is the highest governing body of the Students' Association; all major decisions are made studentcouncil.pngby the Council. Council consists of 12 elected Councilors and the current Students’ Association Executive Council. Councilors are on Student Council to represent the students and therefore have the responsibility to speak up and advocate on behalf of the student body.

A role on Students’ Association Council is a great way to become involved in student life at RDC, and a great way to meet new and interesting people. Help organize events, lobby for the rights of students, and make sure students are achieving the best possible experience.

Nominations for Student Council open at the first day of classes in September. Elections are held in late September/early October. Opportunities are also available for students wishing to become part of Summer Student Council. Call 403-342-3200 for more information

Student Council meetings are open, so consider yourself invited!


Click here to view the minutes from past meetings


The Students’ Association of Red Deer College was created for students, by students. As such, students are at the heart of everything we do. Click here to view the Students’ Association of Red Deer College Bylaw.



What exactly does Students' Association Council do?

The people on Council have many powers and duties. Some of these include: the power to control the monies that are collected through fees, upholding the Bylaws and Policies of the Students’ Association, and the ability to formally establish and recognize students groups, organizations and committees as necessary.

What is the time commitment of a Student Council position?

SA Council does not take a lot of time to participate in. We hold meetings approximately every two weeks during the school year. And if you get onto Summer Council, meetings are held only as needed.

As a member of Council you are also expected to attend meetings for two other committees. These committees vary in the time and number of meetings that are required, so if you have time you can even sign up to participate in more than two.

As a representative, it is important you engage with your constituents. As such you will be expected to talk to students in the hallways and gathering places at RDC. Occasionally, there may be other meetings you will have to attend, but that’s pretty much it in a nutshell!

How many other cool people will I get to meet?

Council is composed of 12 representatives, as well as the four executive members, one Board of Governors rep and our Chairperson, Secretary and Executive Director. But, as a Council member is your job to go and meet as many people as you can and help spread the word about events and information at the Students’ Association, so you’ll meet tons of other great students.

What do I get out of being on Council?

There are many great benefits to being on Council. New friends are just around the corner and you can build both your personal and professional network of contact. You will get to help your fellow students and possibly get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside! Put this experience on your resume and boost your credentials. And last, but not least, learn a few things about the college, others and even yourself.