SA Services

SA-logo-and-wall-small.jpgThe Students’ Association also provides a wealth of services including lockers, faxing, photocopiers, health and dental coverage, transit pass sales and more. The Students’ Association office is often a central point for information and services. The SA office is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. For more information call the SA Main Desk at 403-342-3200.



lockers.jpgThe SA main reception desk will provide you with a locker for $30 and will refund $10 if you return the combination lock by June 30 of the current year. Lockers are a handy little home away from home throughout the school year, and, if you get there early, you should have no trouble getting one that is central to most of your classes. Lockers are location on the main RDC campus and at the Donald School of Business.

Please Note: The SA and the RDC College are not responsible for thefts from lockers. Please do not leave valuables in your locker.



Used Bookstore

used_books.jpgBefore spending money on brand new textbooks, check out the SA Used Bookstore. Many of the books you need are available. Most books are in excellent condition, priced for substantial savings.

When you’ve finished with your texts, bring them to the SA Used Bookstore and place them on consignment. Only books being used in the current term are accepted. (Books used in the fall term are accepted in August, books used in the winter term are accepted in December/January and so on.) You set the selling price and when your books are sold, the SA sends you a cheque, minus a modest commission.

The Used Bookstore is located on the second floor of the Students’ Association building. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.


Transit Passes

The Students' Association is your stop to purchase or reload the semester transit pass (big savings for RDC students!), to reload a monthly pass card or ticket card. More information on transit pricing and routes can be found at the Red Deer Transit website.


Food Bank

foodbank.jpgThe SA offers an on-campus Food Bank to help students in need. Students seeking assistance should contact the Student Funding and Awards Office at 403-342-3254 for a referral to the Student Food Bank. Further help may be available from the Red Deer Food Bank at 403-346-1505.

Monetary and non-perishable food donations are welcome. Contact the SA at 403-342-3200 for information.




Health & Dental Plans

The Students Benefit Plan was approved by student referendum, making it a requirement of full-time enrolment at Red Deer College. Students with approved equivalent coverage may opt out of the plan by fling a waiver form by the specified date. More information can be found on the Health Plan page or by contacting the Benefits Office at 403-356-4982.


CAT Fund

CAT-Fund.pngThe Cultural Activities Trust Fund, better known as the CAT Fund, is a committee consisting of RDC students and faculty. The purpose of this committee is to help fund cultural events on campus. To find out more about this special cultural fund, click here or phone the SA at 403-342-3200.




Faxes (all charges per page plus GST) - $1.25 in Alberta; $1.75 in Canada; $3.25 outside of Canada; Toll Free $0.50. Prices subject to change. Document scanning is also available at $0.50 per page.



Making photocopies of your important information saves time and improves your studying. Your SA provides a copier, which accepts iCard, for use in the library.


Poster Approval

All notices on the SA bulletin board must be approved by the SA. As many as 10 posters will be allowed. Restrictions may apply. Advertising for non-college entertainment events and commercial ventures is prohibited on college property and bulletin boards.