SA Executive

SA Executives

SA Executives — President, Vice President College Affairs, Vice President Operations, Vice President Student Life — are here to represent and advocate for the students of RDC. Their duties include upholding and maintaining the bylaws and policies of the association, being responsible for the administration of the association and the maintenance and administration of the Students’ Association building, maintaining the daily operations of SARDC.

All of the Executives have offices (and office hours) in the second story of the SA building (above the Far Side Bar & Grill).


Executive members



Kassandra Scholze



Chaise Combs
VP Student Life


Marian Young
VP Operations




Board of Governors Student Member: Robin Chiles


Executive ReportsSA-logo-and-wall-small.jpg

The Students' Association held its Spring General Meeting March 7. Agenda items included bylaw amendments, an elections update and executive reports.

To read the executive reports, please click on the links below

Kass Scholze, President

Marian Young, Vice President Operations

Chaise Combs, Vice President Student Life


What is the role of the SA Executive?

The SA Executive as a whole serves as an advocate for the students of RDC. Their goal is to make your time at RDC as enjoyable as possible. If you have and questions or concerns please come up and talk to your executive.

What does the President do?

The President acts as the official spokesperson and CEO of the Association. The President meets regularly with senior administration, local politicians and influential community members on a regular basis. The President leads and motivates Executive Council an assists with establishing long- and short-term goals. The President is responsible for overseeing the business affairs of the Association in conjunction with the General Manager.

What does the VP Operations do?

The Vice President Operation is responsible for the recruitment and training of Students’ Association Council. The VP Operations is responsible for communication between the Association and the Donald School of Business. The VP Operations works with the Communications manager to promote the Association internally and externally. The VP Operation also sits on and provides feedback to College committees related to the operations of RDC.

What does the VP College Affairs do?

The VP College Affairs assists students with academic and non-academic appeals and works to resolve issues that students are facing at RDC. The VP College Affairs also provides feedback on proposed curriculum and policy changes. The VP College Affairs meets regularly with the Vice President Academic of RDC. The VP College Affairs also assists in the planning of New Student Orientation. If you require information about Academic Policies at RDC, click here.

What does the VP Student Life do?

The VP Student Life is responsible for organizing and promoting Association functions and awareness campaigns. The VP Student Life is also the liaison between Student Groups and the Association and assists them in their endeavours when required. The VP Student Life plays an active role in the development of student life at RDC by working with other groups at the college. The VP Student Life sits on college committees related to student life and environmental issues.