Off-Campus Housing Directory

Many students choose to live off-campus during their studies, which is why the Students’ Association operates a directory for students to find alternate options within Red Deer and surrounding areas. Browse the listings below to find suitable accommodation during your time at Red Deer College.


Looking to post an off-campus housing ad? It’s simple! Select from either option below and complete the form as required. Listings are posted on the website for one month from the date of upload. Please note that the ads are manually entered by the Association staff during regular business hours. 


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West Park Basement Suite

Basement suite located 1 block away from Red Deer College Main Campus.

Basement Suite In Mountview

Self-contained basement suite available in Mountview. Move in ready! Only a 10 minute drive from Red Deer College.

House or Duplex for Rent in Glendale

Unfurnished house or duplex available in Glendale. Located near bus stop.

Room for Rent in Deer Park

Fully furnished room for rent available in Deer Park. Free parking, wifi, cable, and laundry facilities. No additional monthly charges.

Room For Rent in West Park

Walking distance from Red Deer College. Unfurnished house - 3 rooms upstairs and 2 downstairs.

Basement Suite in West Park

Only a one minute walk to Red Deer College's main campus! Includes separate entrance and bathroom!

Room for Rent in Sunnybrook

Only a 7 minute bus ride to RDC! Comes with a private washroom, assess to treadmill, parking, and wifi.


Good to Know

Residential Tenancies Act

A copy of the Residential Tenancies Act can be viewed at Alberta Queen's Printer.

Landlord and tenant disputes

The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) is an alternative to the courts in resolving landlord and tenant disputes. To find out more, click here.