Health Plan

The Students’ Association is proud to offer an affordable Health & Dental Plan for full-time RDC students.

Health and dental plans were approved by student referendum making them a requirement of enrolment at RDC. The cost of the plans is included in your fees, provided you meet the eligibility requirements for enrollment.

If you have other extended health and/or dental coverage, you are given one opportunity a year to waive the Student Benefits Plan. The required waiver form (available at the Cashiers’ Office, online, by fax, or in person) must be completed and submitted to the Students' Association of Red Deer College Student Benefits Office by the opt-out deadline.

To learn more about your benefits, stop by the Students' Association office and speak to the Health & Dental Plan Coordinator, Karen Krasowski. She can also be reached by email or by phone at 403-356-4982.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Does this plan include my provincial health care?

Basic provincial health care fees are not included in the extended health and dental fees. Students are responsible for maintaining their own provincial health care.


I have other extended health and dental coverage. Can I opt-out of the Student Benefits Plan?

If you have other comparable coverage, you can opt-out of either or both of the extended health and dental plans. You must submit a waiver form with confirmation of your other coverage by the deadline.

Waiver forms are available at the Student Benefits Office, the Cashiers’ Office or at


Can I get coverage for my family?

To add a spouse and/or child to the plan, you must complete a form and pay for those added at the Student Benefits Plan Office before the deadline. To find out more, please go to


I don’t have other coverage any more. How can I get back into the benefit plans?

If you lose alternate coverage, you can opt back into the plans on the anniversary of the benefit plans. You must contact the Student Benefits Plan Office and fill out a form before the deadline. Payment of the fees alone will not re-activate your coverage. If you lose your coverage during the benefit year, you can re-activate your health and dental coverage within 30 days of loss of coverage. You need to contact the Student Benefits Plan Office to re-activate your coverage and pay for the plans.


Can I access my claim and benefit information online?

GroupNet allows students to access claim and benefit information online. You can sign up for direct deposit of claim reimbursements and access personalized pre-filled claim forms. To do this, go to


What is the benefit year?

The SA Student Health & Dental plan benefit year is September 1st to August 31st.