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The Students' Association of Red Deer College plays an important role in student life at RDC. It advocates for and represents students, provides a myriad of important (and fun!) services and events and is one of the largest employers of students on campus.

But what does that mean to you?


Students own and operate the Students’ Association. Red Deer College students* are members of the Students’ Association.* Some exceptions exist. Ask your Executive Council for details.

The Students’ Association represents Red Deer College students on campus, in the community and with the provincial government. The Students’ Association offers student advocacy and representation and lobbies the government on behalf of students to ensure student interests are met.

The Students’ Association recognizes the importance of mental health and tries to support a supportive, healthy environment at Red Deer College through its Mental Health Campaign.

The Students’ Association operates a Used Bookstore where students can consign their used textbooks and purchase books for their courses.
The Students' Association Used Bookstore only accepts books being used in the current term. (Books used in the fall term are accepted in August, books used in the winter term are accepted in December/January and so on.)

The Students’ Association presents over 30 Awards & Scholarships each year.
Each spring your Students' Association celebrates student success and positive contributions to student life on campus by conferring a variety of awards and scholarships at the Students' Association Awards Ceremony. It also presents a number of other awards and scholarships throughout the year.

The Students’ Association operates a Student Food Bank.
Donations to the Student Food Bank are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by sharing your pocket change in the “Soup Cans” around campus, placing a non-perishable food donation in the Collection box near the Main Gym, or making a cash donation at the Students’ Association office.

You can become involved in student governance through the Students’ Association. Members of the Students' Association (most RDC students) can put their name forward to be a part of Students’ Association Council.

You could be the next Students’ Association President/Vice President Operations/Vice President College Affairs/Vice President Student Life. Elections for the next year’s Executive Council are held each year in March.

Food and beverages purchased at the Far Side Bar & Grill and The Lift help support students at Red Deer College. Proceeds from SA businesses helps support the services offered by the Students' Association including scholarships and awards.

The Far Side Bar & Grill and The Lift have microwaves available for student use.

The Students’ Association, through its businesses, is the largest employer of students on campus.
The Students' Association is proud to employ students in The Far Side Bar & Grill and The Lift, and through short-term job opportunities like Chief Returning Officer and the Marketing and Office Support summer position.

The Far Side Bar & Grill and The Lift are owned and operated by the Students' Association. The Students' Association is owned and operated by the students of Red Deer College.

Money spent at  The Far Side  and  The Lift  directly benefits students. All SA businesses take pride in employing students -- making the Students' Association and its businesses one of the largest employers of students on campus. In addition, proceeds from SA businesses help support scholarships and services for students.