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Youth and post-secondary students make up an important and desirable part of the consumer market. In fact, most post-secondary students fall into the important 18-29 age bracket. Students' Association publications and sponsorship opportunities are different from many other student-targeted marketing options.

The Difference

The Students' Association is run by and for students. Money generated through Students' Association publications and sponsorships directly helps to support student services and initiatives.

Student Handbook

The Students' Association Student Handbook is provided free of charge to all RDC students. It fuses important college information on policies, services, and opportunities with a day planner.

In addition, it contains valuable information about products and services offered by Red Deer and area businesses.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Every fall, the Students' Association hosts WoW (Week of Welcome) the first week of classes. This fun-filled week helps students become acquainted with each other, RDC, and the Red Deer College community.

Each day of WoW has a feature event; past events have included a Fun in the Sun event, a Taco in a Bag lunch, Rez Fest, and more. Sponsorship of these events is available at a variety of different levels.


Advertising & Publishing Rates

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