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The Students' Association is holding its Spring General Meeting Wednesday, March 7 at 11 a.m. in the Far Side Bar & Grill. Agenda items include executive reports, bylaw changes, elections update. To download a copy of the proposed changes, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please stop by the Students' Association office or email information(at)




Nominations open

Students' Association General Elections

Are you a leader? Are you an advocate? Run with us!ELECt cover.jpg

The Students’ Association is a student-led non-profit organization that focuses on representing and advocating for Red Deer College students. The Students’ Association also provides programs and services that enhance student life on campus.

When we say “student led”, we’re serious.

Your Students’ Association is governed by 12 Councillors who are full-time students on campus and represented by four student Executives (President, Vice President Operations, Vice President Academic, and Vice President Community & Wellness).

If you’re a leader and an advocate, you can be a Councillor or an Executive! Nominations opened February 1, 2018. The nomination package can be downloaded here. Nominations close March 13 at 4 p.m

For more information, please come see Martin Cruz, Elections Officer at the Students’ Association Offices.

2019 Canada Winter Games and RDC

From February 15 until March 3, 2019, Red Deer and Central Alberta will welcome the nation for the 2019 Canada Winter Games. The 2019 Games will be the largest event ever hosted in Red Deer and central Alberta and one of the largest events to be hosted in Alberta since the 1988 Calgary Olympics. 

Red Deer College is pleased to partner with the 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society, The City of Red Deer and other organizations to host this national event.

The academic schedule for 2018-2019 has been adjusted to accommodate the Games, to find out how please check out the February, March and April 2019 calendars posted at the Students' Association office or download them here.

To find out how this may affect RDC students or to find answers to any questions you might have, please follow the link  

Students’ Association Fees: in a nutshell

* based on the 2017-2018 approved Annual Budget

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College is a student-led organization focused on serving the students of Red Deer College. By supporting programs and services, your money ensures all Red Deer College students get the support they need and have an equal opportunity to succeed academically.

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operations & finance.png program & service.png

The current SA fees are $6/credit for students in credit programs and $6/week for apprenticeship students. A credit student taking three courses per semester pays $108 in SA fees for the entire year while an apprenticeship student in an eight-week program pays $48. Your fees are allocated to ensure there is student representation within the College and at the three levels of government. These fees also maintain and expand student space and provide affordable programs and services.

To find out more about where your fees go, click on the pie chart, visit Students' Association Fees: in a nutshell or drop by the Students’ Association office in Room 2010.


Students’ Association Council

Student Council members, in conjunction with the Students' Association Executive team, represent the student body at Red Deer College. They have the responsibility to speak up and advocate on behalf of students.

Your Council members are:SA_logo_reflex_blue.png

  • Rachel Adrian
  • Braden Alm
  • Alice Bigazi
  • McKenzie Field
  • Theo Grandjambe
  • Nicholas Hyde
  • Brittany Lessard
  • Mason Lantz
  • Kryssa McLean
  • Esther Oliva-Dzib

Student Council is the highest governing body of the Students' Association and all major decisions are made by this body.

Representation, Services, FUN!

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College plays an important role in your life at RDC. The SA advocates for and represents students, provides a myriad of important (and fun!) services and is one of the largest employers of students on campus!

If you have a question, concern, need some more information or want to become more active with your SA, stop by the SA office, call 403-342-3200 or send us an email!

Our mission: The Students’ Association of Red Deer College will enrich and enhance the quality of student life at Red Deer College by providing affordable and quality services, effective political representation and exciting opportunities for its members.

Students' Association News available

The winter edition of Students' Association News is available. Download a copy today or pick up a printed version from one of the brochure-holder SA bulletin boards around campus.

February Viewpoints available

The February issue of Viewpoints is available. Download a copy today or pick up the printed version from one of the brochure-holder bulletin boards located around campus.


Kass Scholze assumes role of President

October 17 —  Recently-elected Students’ Association Vice President College Affairs Kass Scholze, has assumed the role of Students’ Association President in accordance with the bylaws and policies of the Association.

The position became vacant when William Baliko resigned his position as President October 2, days after Scholze was elected to the office of Vice President College Affairs. As per Association Bylaws, if after the Fall General Meeting, there is a vacancy in the President’s office, Vice President College Affairs assumes the role of President.

Vice President Operations Marian Young assumed the temporary position of acting President to allow Scholze time to consider what the new role would mean.

“I would like to thank the membership, our Council and my fellow Executives for their patience in awaiting my decision,” said Scholze. “After consulting my family, considering my academic options and deliberating with my Executive team, I am confident in my decision to assume both roles.

“I look forward to continuing the work already started by this team — working with the College to create a more robust and comprehensive Sexual Violence Policy, working to ensure our students are heard in planning for the upcoming Winter Games, working to add additional student space to the College, creating an education campaign on drug awareness and continue to bring forward student issues and concerns to the College and the provincial government.”

SA Executive Council — President Kass Scholze, Vice President Operations Marian Young and Vice President Student Life Chaise Combs — and the recently-formed Student Council will continue to represent and advocate for the students of Red Deer College.

Students’ Association President steps down

October 3, 2017 — William Baliko has resigned from the position of President of the Students’ Association of Red Deer College. In accordance with Students' Association bylaws, Kass Scholze will assume the position of President.

SA Executive Council — President Kass Scholze, Vice President Operations Marian Young and Vice President Student Life Chaise Combs — will continue to represent and advocate for the students of Red Deer College.

Questions regarding this vacancy can be directed to President Kass Scholze at sardc-president(at) or 403-342-3200.

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